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Cleaning validation in the food industry: General principles

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Cleaning validation in the food industry: General principles

The objective of cleaning validation is to prove that the equipment is consistently cleaned of product, microbial residues, chemicals and soiling, including allergens to an acceptable level, to prevent possible crosscontamination of hazards between products.

This document focuses on the overall concept of cleaning validation and is intended as a general guideline for use by food manufacturers and inspectors.

It is not the intention to be prescriptive in specific validation requirements. This document serves as general guidance only, and the principles may be considered useful in their application in the production of safe food, and in the development of guidelines for the validation of specialized cleaning or inactivation processes.

Normally cleaning validation would be applicable for critical cleaning such as cleaning of product contact surfaces between production of one product and another, in particular if the food is intended to be consumed by certain high-risk consumers that include pregnant women, neonates, immuno-compromised adults and the elderly or consumers suffering from allergies. Further, cleaning validation is recommended if there is a significant risk of contamination and cross-contamination with hazards such as pathogens, toxins or allergens.

It can be used for any type of cleaning operation by food equipment manufacturers, engineering companies,
food manufacturers and providers of services and chemical products.

EHEDG April 2016

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