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IEC 60580:2019

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IEC 60580:2019 Medical electrical equipment - Dose area product meters

IEC 60580:2019 specifies the performance and testing of Dose Area Product Meters intended to measure Dose Area Product and/or Dose Area Product Rate to which the Patient is exposed during Medical Radiological Examinations. This document is applicable to the following types of Dose Area Product Meters:
a) Field-Class Dose Area Product Meters normally used for the measurement of Dose Area Products during Medical Radiological Examinations;
b) Reference-Class Dose Area Product Meters normally used for the Calibration of Field-Class Dosimeters.

NOTE Reference-Class Dose Area Product Meters can be used as Field-Class Dose Area Product Meters.

The object of this document is
1) to establish requirements for a satisfactory level of performance for Dose Area Product Meters, and
2) to standardize the methods for the determination of compliance with this level of performance.
Two levels of performance are specified:
– a lower level of performance applying to Field-Class Dose Area Product Meters;
– a higher level of performance applying to Reference-Class Dose Area Product Meters.

IEC 60580:2019 cancels and replaces the second edition published 2000, and constitutes a technical revision.

This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
a) a second class of devices is introduced with tighter uncertainty tolerances;
b) this document has been expanded to include detectors other than ionization chambers;
c) radiation qualities have been updated to the new definitions according to IEC 61267;
d) a requirement on the linearity of the dose area product rate measurement was added;
e) changed chamber light transmission requirement from 70 % to 60 %.

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