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ISO/TR 21808:2024

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ISO TR 21808 2024

ISO/TR 21808:2024 / Migliori pratiche selezione/uso DPI protezione VVF

ID 21198 | 19.01.2024 / Genn. 2024 - 3a Ed. - Preview attached

ISO/TR 21808:2024
Best practices on the selection and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to provide protection for firefighters

This document sets out the best practices for the selection and use of PPE designed to provide protection for firefighters while carrying out their duties. The PPE covered in this document is intended for firefighting personnel exposed to risks associated with but not necessarily limited to the following activities:

- structural firefighting;
- wildland firefighting;
- incidents involving hazardous materials;
- incidents involving motor vehicle;
- urban search and rescue.

The purpose of this document is to highlight the main areas that a fire service needs to consider when providing PPE to its members.

This document is a supplement to the information provided in the PPE standards or used in conjunction with them. Most paragraphs of the document contain bullet lists, these lists are provided for guidance only and they are not exhaustive. Cleaning, inspection and repair of firefighters' personal protective equipment (including care and maintenance) are covered by ISO 23616.

1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 General
4.1 Responsibility of procedure development
4.2 Ergonomics
4.3 Compatibility
4.3.1 General
4.3.2 Physical compatibility
4.3.3 Thermal protection compatibility
4.3.4 Chemical protection compatibility
5 Selection
5.1 General
5.2 Selection for PPE procurement
5.2.1 Identification of activity scope
5.2.2 Risk assessment for procurement
5.2.3 Identification of minimum protection levels that fit to the scope of activities
5.2.4 Collect information on PPE that can be procured
5.2.5 Collection of information on compatibility
5.3 Evaluation by trial fitting for selection
5.4 Provision of information for purchase by PPE manufacturers
6 Batch testing
6.1 General
6.2 Product certification
7 Use
7.1 Start using PPE.
7.1.1 Training before use
7.1.2 Record keeping
7.2 Use in duty
7.2.1 Routine inspection
7.2.2 Risk assessment for the scope of activities at the time of mobilization
7.2.3 Identification of protection required during the activity
7.2.4 Selection of PPE
7.2.5 Other consideration
7.3 Care and maintenance of PPE after use
7.4 Record of use
7.5 Storage
8 Manufacturer information
8.1 General
8.2 Manufacturer information for selection and use
Annex A (informative) Risk assessment
Annex B (informative) Practical performance tests
Annex C (informative) Examples of relationship between type of activity, the heat/flame hazard linked to the activity and clothing to be chosen for protection based on the existing product standards
Annex D (informative) Performance levels relating to clothing designed to provide protection from heat and flame
Annex E (informative) Description of burn injury risks
Annex F (informative) Best practices on some of the items that may be addressed in labelling, subject to the required use of the PPE


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