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ISO 14738

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ISO   FDIS 14738 Anthropometric requirements for the design of workstations for industries and services

ISO/FDIS 14738:2023 / Safety machineryAnthropometric requirements design workstations industries / services / Ed. 3 - 2023

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ISO/FDIS 14738:2023
Safety of machinery - Anthropometric requirements for the design of workstations for industries and services

Life cycle ISO (Update 13.09.2023):

ISO   FDIS 14738 Life cycle

This International Standard is part of a set of ergonomics standards relating to anthropometry.

This International Standard describes how these ergonomics principles should be applied, using anthropometric requirements for the design of workstations in the industries (machinery) and services.

NOTE: Utility company offering services for individuals or professionals all service companies were in 2015 destined for half to companies that integrate them into their production process as consumptions Intermediate.

This concerns: trade, transport, accommodation and catering; Information and communication, financial and insurance activities but also scientific and technical activities, administrative and Support Services.

In addition, it is recommended that the postures and movements that are imposed by the machinery design are evaluated as described in ISO 11226.

For work and workstations involving manual handling and repetitive tasks, designers are also advised to refer to ISO technical report TR 12295 Handling Ergonomics (an ergonomics application document for ISO standards on manual handling, ISO 11228-1, ISO 11228-2 and ISO 11228-3) and the Evaluation
of Static Working Postures (ISO 11226).

Annex ZB - Relationship between this International standard and the Essential Requirements of Directive 2006/42/CE.

This International Standard has been prepared to be a harmonized standard in the sense of the last Machinery Directive 2006-42 CE and associated EFTA regulations.

1.1.6. Ergonomics
1.1.7. Operating positions
1.1.8. Seating


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