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ISO 9094:2022

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ISO 9094 2022 Small craft fire protection

ISO 9094:2022 / Small craft fire protection

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ISO 9094:2022 - Small craft - Fire protection

This document covers the prevention of fire and the protection of life in case of fire on small craft.
It is intended to ensure that the design and layout of the craft and the type of equipment installed minimize the risk and spread of fire and that every habitable craft is provided with viable means of escape in the event of fire.
The requirements in this document may not be effective against fires of some battery chemistries (for example lithium-based products). Battery manufacturers should be consulted for appropriate methods of fire suppression.
This document defines a practical degree of fire prevention and protection intended to provide enough time for occupants to escape a fire on board small craft.
It applies to small craft having a length of the hull (LH) of up to 24 m except for personal watercraft.
This document does not cover:
- the design and installation of permanently installed galley stoves and heating appliances (including components used to distribute the heat) using fuels that are liquid at atmospheric pressure on small craft, which are covered by ISO 14895:2016;
- carbon monoxide detecting systems, which are covered by ISO 12133.

The main changes are as follows:

- the “engine compartment” definition (3.3) has been updated;
- the “fire resistant” definition (3.21) has been added;
- the pitch angle up to 15° for all craft to prevent cooking devices from sliding off the stove, in 4.1.1, has been updated;
- the pitch and heel angles in 4.2.1 have been updated;
- the requirements for protection from open flame in 4.2.2 have been updated;
- Table 1 to expand the understanding of zone protection has been updated; — a clarification for fire escape routes in 6.1 has been added;
- Table 2, “Protection of the engine(s) and engine compartments”, has been updated;
- the requirements for portable fire extinguisher locations have been updated (see 7.5);
- the asphyxiant medium from fixed fire extinguishing systems has been removed (see 7.6);
-  Clause 8, “Displayed information”, has been updated;
- the Bibliography has been updated.
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piccole imbarcazioni da diporto e altri natanti che utilizzano attrezzature simili, fino a 24 m di lunghezza dello scafo (LH)

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