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Hazards due to static electricity machinery

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Hazards due to static electricity machinery 

Guidance and recommendations for the avoidance of hazards due to static electricity

This document gives guidance and recommendations for avoiding ignition and electric shock hazards arising from static electricity. It deals with the problems of static electricity that can give rise to ignition of flammable substances and to electric shock.

Basic information about the generation of undesirable static electricity in solids, liquids and gases, and also on persons, together with descriptions of how the charges generated cause ignitions or electric shocks, is given in the annexes. The processes that most commonly give rise to problems of static electricity are described in detail.

The processes include the handling of different types of liquids, powders, gases and sprays. In each case, the source and nature of the electrostatic hazard are identified and specific recommendations are given for dealing with them.

This report is not applicable to the hazards of static electricity relating to lightning, to damage to electronic components, to medical hazards nor to the handling and care of detonators and explosives.


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