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Guide on Safety data sheets and Exposure scenarios

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Guide on Safety data sheets and Exposure scenarios

The Guide helps suppliers and recipients of safety data sheets to compile and understand substance and use information.

The Guide was originally an interactive online publication that provided information for the recipients of safety data sheets and exposure scenarios in a user-friendly way. It has now been updated to include useful tips for suppliers on issues to watch out for within each section.

At the same time, it has been converted into an interactive pdf, to satisfy the demand to make it available in all EU languages. It maintains its simple structure, which makes it suitable as both a training and reference tool.

Some readers may require a brief overview of the key points, while others may want to take a closer look at a specific sections either from the supplier or recipient point of view. The inbuilt navigation elements enable users to move around and easily find the information they need. Advice is given on how to provide and use safety data sheet information to help protect human health and the environment throughout the supply chain.

The interactive Guide includes:

- examples of safety data sheets and exposure scenarios;
- clear descriptions of what information is contained in each section of the safety data sheet and exposure scenario;
- advice to the reader on what to do to promote safe use and regulatory compliance;
- tips for suppliers on information that downstream users need;
- tips for recipients on actions they may need to take based on the information received;
- an indication of where to find the most frequently asked questions; and
- supplementary information and useful links to other relevant sources.

November 2016

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