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Guida CEN 414: Come si classificano le norme in tipo A/B/C

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Guida CEN 414
Come si classificano le norme in tipo A/B/C

Safety of machinery 
Rules for the drafting and presentation of safety standards 
Version dated 2004-12-15

CEN has embarked on a programme of work to produce a series of related machinery safety standards as part of  the European process for harmonisation. 

It has been necessary to propose rules for the preparation, drafting and presentation of these safety standards to supplement the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which set out general principles and requirements for all European Standards. This guide both makes use of and refers to the principles and concepts established in EN ISO 12100. In addition ISO/IEC Guide 51 has been taken into account as far as possible at the time of drafting. 

This document specifies requirements for the drafting and presentation of European machinery safety standards and standards for safety components, primarily to achieve consistency and acceptable quality, throughout the programme, of the various standards to be prepared (also to meet the requirements of the Mandates from the European Commission). 

It also gives requirements on the criteria for the selection of new work items and for procedures to prepare, produce or revise standards in an efficient and effective way.

This document gives requirements which are additional to the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations - Part 3

(based on ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2) when this is necessary because of the special requirements of machinery safety standards and standards for safety components.

This document is primarily intended for the drafting of type C standards. It also applies to type B standards but the foreseeable variation in the format of these standards prevents general application. When requirements specifically apply to type B standards, this is indicated.

CEN - Comitato europeo di normazione (European Committee for Standardization)

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