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EHEDG Yearbook 2017/2018

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EHEDG Yearbook 2017/2018

We are pleased to inform you that the EHEDG Yearbook 2017/2018 has been published.

The book features the latest developments in hygienic design and a lot of interesting information on the EHEDG expert network.

The reference publication of EHEDG introduces recent hygienic design solutions, provides an insight into the work of the EHEDG Working Groups and informs about the activities of the EHEDG Regional Sections. Furthermore, state-of-the art developments of the EHEDG member companies and institutes are highlighted.

EHEDG e-learning: new development to convey hygienic design knowledge,
Hygienic design and sustainability: Ecodhybat project,
Mechanical energy balance in surface cleaning by pressurised water spray: a simplified model,
Development of a software tool for virtual cleanability test,
Innovations- und Simulationsservice Festenberg Self-optimising clean-in-place (SOCIP),
Understanding the impact of stainless steel finishing methods on CIP effectiveness,
Creating optimal cleanable stainless steel surfaces,
On-site refurbishment of used stainless steel vessels,
Functional coatings for automation components in the food and beverage industry,
Qualification of a 6-axis robot system for hygienic processes,
Designing a hygienic robot for the food processing line,
The hygienic storage and application of cleaning solutions,
Air filter classification goes global: ISO 16890 will replace EN 779,
Hygienic design, taking a mixer for baby formula as an example,
Minimising belt-related risk factors in food production by constructing for cleanliness,
Magnetically-geared motors: Taking the “open design” principle to the next level,
Hygiene-focused diaphgram offers maximum safety and duration,
The New Benchmark of Efficient Hygienic Design,
Hygienic design as an asset for better engineering,
Hygienic aspects of water treatment systems,
Hygienic double seal valve design,
The key to quality,
Level measurement of highly sensitive and delicate products,
The development of stainless steel production technology and its impact on hygiene,
Self-cleaning and flow in drainage systems,
Traceability of rubber parts for food contact,
Decontamination of food industry cleaning brushware - a matter of hygienic design, 
International Hygienic Study Award 2016

European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group

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