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Concawe Report no. 9/21

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Concawe Report no  9 21

Concawe Report no. 9/21

ID 14772 | 18.10.2021

Developing worker and consumer exposure scenarios for identified uses of petroleum substances under REACH – 2020 edition

Under REACH, Exposure Scenarios (ES) need to be developed for all identified uses of chemical substances that are manufactured or imported in quantities above 10 tonnes per year and classified as hazardous according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP Regulation). ES constitute an essential part of the REACH Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA) and are included in the Chemical Safety Report of the registration dossier. These scenarios describe the Risk Management Measures and Operational Conditions to be followed by supply chain actors to ensure that the substance can be used safely, i.e. without harm to humans or the environment, and which are required to be communicated to downstream users as an Annex to the extended Safety Data Sheet.

This report sets out the approaches that Concawe has adopted in developing worker and consumer ES for identified uses of petroleum substances under REACH. Exposure Scenarios had been initially developed by Concawe in view of the REACH 2010 registrations (Concawe report 11/12), and have been updated in 2020, as documented in the present report. Using the Generic Exposure Scenarios of the European Solvents Industry Group (ESIG) as reference point for consistency across other supply chains of complex substances, the 2020 updates for the Human Health (HH) part have been based on the most recent ECHA guidance documents on exposure and risk assessment and have considered further refinements needed for the Concawe CSAs, given the complex nature of petroleum substances. Concawe HH CSAs have been transcribed using the CHEmical Safety Assessment and Reporting (CHESAR) tool v3.3 developed by ECHA.

Concawe is a division of the European Petroleum Refiners Association, an AISBL operating in Belgium.


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