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Guide for Safe Machinery - SICK

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Guide for Safe Machinery


About this guide What does the guide contain?
In front of you is an extensive guide on the legal background relating to machinery and on the selection and use of protective devices.

We will show you various ways in which you can safeguard machinery and protect persons against accidents taking into account the applicable European directives, regulations, and standards.

The examples and statements given are the result of our many years of practical experience and are to be considered typical applications.

This guide describes the legal requirements relating to machinery in the European Community and their implementation.

The legal requirements relating to machinery in other regions (e.g., North America, Asia) are described in separate versions of this guide.

It is not possible to derive any claims whatsoever from the following information, irrespective of the legal basis, as every machine requires a specific solution against the background of national and international regulations and standards.

We refer only to the latest published standards and directives at the time of publishing.

If, in the event of new standards, the use of the predecessor standard is permitted for a transition period, we have noted this situation in the relevant chapters of this guide. We can guide you to safe machinery in 6 steps.

The procedure is outlined on the left. Who is this guide for?

This guide is aimed at manufacturers, operating organizations, designers, system engineers, and all individuals who are responsible for machine safety. (For reasons of legibility we will use mostly male terms in this guide.)

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