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EN ISO 14120: Disponibile dal CEN

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EN ISO 14120: Disponibile dal CEN

Date of Availability (DAV): 2015-11-18

Safety of machinery - Guards - General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and movable guards (ISO 14120:2015)La norma che sostituisce la EN 953 deve essere pubblicata entro 6 mesi dalla Data di pubblicazione (DOP) dagli Enti dei Normazione

The document specifies general requirements for the design and construction of guards provided primarily to protect persons from mechanical hazards.

The standard applies primary to machines which are manufactured after the date of issue of this standard. Attention is drawn to the use of guards to minimise exposure to non-mechanical hazards.

The requirements are applicable if fixed and movable guards are used.

The standard does not cover those parts of guards which actuate interlocking devices. These are covered by EN 1088 (ISO 14119). This document does not provide requirements for special systems relating specifically to mobility and ability to lift loads like rollover protective structures (ROPS) and falling-object protective structures (FOPS).

Date of Ratification (DOR) 2015-10-03
Date of Availability (DAV) 2015-11-18
Date of Announcement 2016-02-29
Date of Publication (DOP) 2016-05-31
Date of Withdrawal (DOW) 2016-05-31

Warning: CEN National Standardization Bodies have 6 months to implement European Standards from their publishing date.,FSP_ORG_ID:36957,6096&cs=1D20242DB13CE9A0181A1F2BE94B77E18

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