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ADR Transport Security Guidelines Class 2 - EIGA

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ADR Transport Security Guidelines Class 2

This document provides guidance for EIGA members on complying with the requirements of the Security Provisions set out in Chapter 1.10 of ADR when carrying dangerous goods of Class 2., but it does not cover national requirements which may also need to be observed.

The security requirements of ADR and the recommendations of this document only apply when carrying goods above the quantities specified in paragraph of ADR.

Additional requirements apply to high consequence dangerous goods (toxic gases and bulk flammable gases, refer to 3.2).

Members may choose to apply these additional requirements to those non-high consequence gases which may be at high risk of theft, for example gases used in the production of drugs (e.g. hydrogen in cylinders) or used as recreational drugs (e.g. nitrous oxide).

The document covers the transport of dangerous goods by road; other modes of transport are not considered. Transport includes receiving dangerous goods onto members’ premises and the entire process of supplying dangerous goods to customers. It includes security during the time that the goods are on the vehicle and held in temporary storage.


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