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Considerazioni sull'applicazione della Direttiva ATEX Prodotti ad equipaggiamenti specifici

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Considerazioni sull'applicazione della Direttiva ATEX Prodotti 94/9/CE ad equipaggiamenti specifici

Consideration Papers by the ATEX Committee Directive 94/9/EC Product

Consideration Papers concern the application of the Directive to specific equipment, as well as procedures for marking and conformity assessment:

- Filter Units and Vented Silo bins (revised version)
- Gas Turbines (revised version)
- Steam Turbines
- Petrol Pumps (revised version)
- Cables
- Rotating Mechanical Seals
- Safe Openingspdf
- Bucket Elevators
- Fork Lift Trucks (revised version)
- Transportable, pressurised cabins ("modules")
- Clarification for equipment with categories two or three
- Automatically lubricating systems
- Electrical Trace Heating Systems (revised version)
- Different categories within one product, or mixes of equipment and protective systems
- Certificates and CE marking without the name of the original manufacturer(revised version)
- Marking of components with the Notified Body's number
- ExNBG Clarification Sheets: Status and use

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