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BREF on Surface Treatment using Organic Solvents

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Reference Document on Best Available Techniques on Surface Treatment using Organic Solvents

August 2007

This BREF addresses installations for the surface treatment of substances, objects or products using organic solvents, in particular for dressing, printing, coating, degreasing, waterproofing, sizing, painting, cleaning or impregnating. The activities addressed are:

- printing (by heatset web offset, flexography and packaging gravure, publication gravure)
- painting and other coating activities (winding wires, cars, trucks, buses, trains, agricultural and construction equipment, ships and yachts, aircraft, wood and mirrors, furniture, metal coil, metal packaging, and other metal and plastic goods)
- waterproofing (by painting and wood preservation)
- adhesive application (in the manufacture of abrasives and adhesive tapes)
- cleaning and degreasing in conjunction with other surface treatment activities
- impregnation for the preservation of wood.


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