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Recovery plan

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Revovery plan

Recovery plan

ID 13089 | 12.03.2021

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- Bozza Recovery plan (26.02.2021)



M1C1 - Digitalisation, innovation and security in the PA
Appendix: Reform of Justice System
M1C2 - Digitalization, Innovation and Competitiveness of the Production System
M1C3 - Tourism and Culture
M2C1 - Sustainable agriculture and circular economy
M2C2 - Renewable energy, hydrogen and local sustainable mobility
M2C3 - Energy upgrading and renovation of buildings
M2C4 - Protection of land and water resources
M3C1 - High speed railways and safe roads
M3C2 - Intermodality and integrated logistics
M4C1 - Enhancement of skills and right to study
M4C2 - From research to business
M5C1 - Employment Policies
M5C2 - Social infrastructures, families, communities and third sector
M5C3 - Special intervention for territorial cohesion
M6C1 - Proximity networks, facilities and telemedicine for territorial healthcare assistance
M6C2 - Innovation, research and digitalisation of national healthcare service

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