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Elaboration maps for climatic and seismic actions structure design Eurocodes

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Elaboration of maps for climatic and seismic actions for structural design with the Eurocodes

The report contains state-of-the-art material concerning the elaboration of maps for seismic and climatic (wind, snow and thermal) actions for structural design, in order to support non-EU countries in the adoption of the Eurocodes.

In these standards national choices should take into account country differences in geographical, geological or climatic conditions.

The regional experience is reported and the non-EU Balkan countries progress on the elaboration of the aforementioned maps is presented and analysed. Advanced concepts for the assessment and retrofitting of existing structures are highlighted as new trends for the next generation of Eurocodes. Finally, the state of harmonized use of the Eurocodes Nationally Determined Parameters (NDPs), relevant to the definition of climatic and seismic actions, is analysed based on the NDPs uploaded on the JRC database by the EU and EFTA Member States.

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the workshop’s lecturers for their contribution in building capacities for the elaboration of maps for climatic and seismic actions for structural design in non-EU countries in the Balkan region.

The editors and authors have sought to present useful and consistent information in this report. The chapters presented in the report have been prepared by different authors therefore are partly reflecting different practices in different countries. Users of information contained in this report must satisfy themselves of its suitability for the purpose for which they intend to use it.

European Union, 2016

Scarica questo file (Elaboration maps climatic seismic structure design Eurocodes.pdf)Elaboration maps climatic seismic structure design Eurocodes
EU 2016
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