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Analysis of the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation

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Analysis of the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation

Studies on regulations for the European construction sector

The Construction Products Regulation (EU No 305/2011; hereafter the CPR) entered into full force on the 1 July 20131 and, in so doing, replaced the Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC; hereafter the CPD). The main objective of the CPR - compared with the CPD - was to facilitate the consolidation of the Internal Market for construction products through, inter alia, simplification, clarification and increasing the credibility of the legislative framework for construction products.

Although the CPR has only recently been implemented, technical, economic and societal developments over recent years mean that it is essential to assess the extent to which the CPR has met (or is likely to meet) its main objectives, based on the first experiences of its implementation.

There is also a need to identify, based on a thorough and objective review across all Member States (MS) and parts of the construction sector, whether further actions still need to be taken to ensure the consolidation of the Internal Market for construction products. Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd (RPA), with support from its partner (EPRD), and selected experts has been contracted by DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) of the European Commission (EC) to undertake this analysis of the implementation of the CPR.

It is foreseen that the findings of this study will feed into the reporting obligation for the Commission on the implementation of the CPR, as set out in its Article 67(2).

This Executive Summary summarises the key findings of the study.

European Commission / RPA

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