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Comparative Study on Pressure Equipment Standards

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Comparative Study on Pressure Equipment Standards – European harmonised standard for unfired pressure vessels (EN 13445)

This study comparing the total costs of pressure equipment designed using the European harmonised standard for unfired pressure vessels (EN 13445) with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler & Pressure Vessel (ASME Section VIII) code has underlined the economic viability of the European standard.

Starting from May 30th, 2002, the European Union Pressure Equipment Directive (PED, 97/23/EC) is mandatory throughout the EU, thereby replacing existing national legislation in this area.

A reference, but not mandatory, way of demonstrating conformity to the Essential Safety Requirements of the PED is to use the new European harmonised standard EN 13445 (Unfired Pressure Vessels).

This was prepared by CEN TC54 and was cited in the EC Official Journal in 2002.

In industry it is recognised that the harmonised standard related to a new approach directive does give the manufacturer the advantage of the presumption of conformity to the Essential Safety Requirements of the directive itself, but to be accepted and applied, it must also bring economic and/or technical advantages.

This study compares the economic and non-economic implications arising from the application of (a) EN 134451 and, (b) the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code2 plus major related codes when appropriate (TEMA3, WRC Bulletins4), for the design, manufacture, inspection and acceptance testing of 9 benchmark examples of unfired pressure vessels.

The consortium which carried out the study consisted of TUV Austria (the Pressure Equipment Division of which is a Notified Body appointed by the Austrian Government for the certification of pressure equipment in accordance with the PED), and of Consorzio Europeo di Certificazione (CEC), which likewise is a Notified Body appointed by the Italian Government in accordance with the PED.

The detailed design of the benchmark examples was performed by the consortium.

To evaluate the economic factors concerning individual and/or serial production of the benchmark vessels, pressure equipment manufacturers from Italy, France, Germany and Austria took part as subcontractors.

European Commission 
DG Enterprise
Contract N° FIF.20030114 Contractors: TÜV Austria (Austria), CEC (Italy) July 2004

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