Transition Provisions & Exemptions for Non Road Mobile Machinery Engines

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Transition Provisions & Exemptions for Non Road Mobile Machinery Engines (Includes Flexibility & Replacement Engines)

CECE Guidelines

Exhaust Emission Directive 97/68/EC as amended by 2011/88/EU (Directive NRMM)

This document concerns the non-road mobile machinery Directive 97/68/EC as amended1 by 2011/88/EU.

These guidelines have been prepared by CECE to provide clarification and support to engine and equipment manufacturers on the transition provisions from one stage to the next specifically flexibility and sell off. Additionally they provide guidance on the exemption for replacement engines.

There are two separate provisions in the directive related to the transition from one stage to the next.

These guidelines cover both of those provisions, as follows:
1. Flexibility – the scheme to allow a limited number of engines complying with the most recent previous stage to be manufactured after the entry into force of a new stage.
2. Sell-off – the provision to allow engines manufactured during one stage to be placed on the market after the entry into force of the new stage.

These guidelines are intended to answer the questions that are likely to be asked by users of the Directive.

They have been prepared without formal input from the European Commission.

The whole Exhaust Emission Directive applies to engines whether or not already installed in machines. Only the text of Directive is authentic in law. Accordingly, the text of the Directive is applicable where there are differences between the provisions of the Directive and the contents of this Guide. 2.0 Scope These guidelines cover compression ignition engines used in Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM), excluding engines used in railcars, locomotives and inland waterway vessels. They do not cover agricultural & forestry tractors-

CECE 2016

Direttiva Emissioni da Macchine Mobili non Stradali (NRMMD)

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