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UNI EN ISO 19014-1:2018

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EN ISO 19014 1 2018 Performace Level

UNI EN ISO 19014-1:2018

In allegato Preview della norma per il calcolo del Perfomance Level di macchine movimento terra

UNI EN ISO 19014-1:2018
Macchine movimento terra - Sicurezza funzionale - Parte 1: Metodologia per determinare le parti relative alla sicurezza del sistema di comando e i requisiti di prestazione

ISO 19014-1:2018
Earth-moving machinery - Functional safety - Part 1: Methodology to determine safety-related parts of the control system and performance requirements (ISO 19014-1:2018)

This document provides a methodology for the determination of performance levels required for earth moving machinery (EMM) as defined in ISO 6165.
A Machine Control System Safety Analysis (MCSSA) determines the amount of risk reduction of hazards associated with control systems, required for Safety Control Systems (SCS). This reduction is quantified by the Machine Performance Level (MPL), the hazards are identified using the risk assessment principles as defined in ISO 12100 or by other means.

NOTE 1 Step 2 as shown in Annex A demonstrates the relationship between ISO 12100 and ISO 19014 as a complementary protective measure.

NOTE 2 ISO 19014 can also be used to assess the functional safety requirements of other off-road mobile machinery.
For those controls determined to be safety-related, the characteristics for architecture, hardware, software environmental requirements and performance are covered by other parts in ISO 19014.
ISO 19014 covers the hazards caused by the failure of a safety control system and excludes hazards arising from the equipment itself (for example, electric shock, fire, etc.).
Other controls that are not safety control systems (SCS), that do not mitigate a hazard or perform a control function and where the operator would be aware of a failure, are excluded from this standard (e.g. windscreen wipers, head lights, cab light, etc.).

NOTE 3 A list of safety control systems is included in Annex D.

NOTE 4 Audible warnings are excluded from the requirements of diagnostic coverage.


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