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GHS Status Update

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GHS Status Update 2021

GHS Status Update / 10.2023

ID 13720 | Update 21.10.2023 / UNECE - Document prepared by the GHS Sub-Committee secretariat Updated on 01 June 2023

Aware of the importance of monitoring the GHS status of implementation worldwide, the secretariat of the GHS Sub-Committee has collected information publicly available from various sources. These include reports from international organisations, United Nations institutes, programmes and specialized agencies, industry associations and information publicly available on the internet (press releases, articles etc).

This document (in attachment) contains information about the countries listed below (in alphabetical order) as of 01 June 2023.

GHS Editions

The first edition of the GHS, which was intended to serve as the initial basis for the global implementation of the system, was adopted in December 2002 and published in 2003. Since then, the GHS has been updated, revised and improved every two years as needs arise and experience is gained in its implementation.

The 10th revised edition of the GHS (GHS Rev.10), published in 2023, is the most recent published revised edition.


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