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Multilateral Agreement M 354

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Multilateral Agreement M 354

ID 20165 | Initiated by Germany on 28 June 2023/ Valid until 30 June 2025

Multilateral Agreement M 354 under section 1.5.1 of ADR on the carriage of SODIUM-ION BATTERIES with organic electrolyte or SODIUM-ION BATTERIES with organic electrolyte CONTAINED IN EQUIPMENT PR PACKED WITH EQUIPMEN

(1) By derogation from the provisions of 3.2.1 of ADR (Table A, Dangerous Goods List), sodiumion batteries, including sodium-ion cells, may be carried as UN 3551 SODIUM-ION BATTERIES with organic electrolyte or UN 3552 SODIUM-ION BATTERIES CONTAINED IN EQUIPMENT or PACKED WITH EQUIPMENT, with organic electrolyte, under the conditions specified in this Multilateral Agreement, provided the applicable construction and testing requirements set out in this Multilateral Agreement are complied with. 

(2)  Cells and batteries, cells and batteries contained in equipment or cells and batteries packed with equipment containing sodium ion, which are a rechargeable electrochemical system where the positive and the negative electrode are both intercalation or insertion compounds, constructed with no metallic sodium (or sodium alloy) in either electrode and with an organic, non aqueous compound as electrolyte, shall be assigned to UN No. 3551 or 3552, as appropriate
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