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Multilateral Agreement M329

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Multilateral Agreement M329 September 2020

Multilateral Agreement M329 (prosecuzione Accordo M287)

Under section 1.5.1 of ADR

Carriage of certain wastes containing dangerous goods

This Agreement shall apply only in connection with the collection and carriage of wastes in line with the applicable waste legislation framework.

By derogation from the provisions of ADR, the carriage of wastes which are dangerous goods or which contain dangerous goods is allowed under the conditions of sections 2 to 8 below.

This Agreement shall not apply to the carriage of wastes of

a) Class 1,
b) Class 6.2,
c) Class 7,
d) Ciass 2, for which labelling as toxic (label 2.3 or 6.1) is required,
e) Classes 4.1 and 5.2, if requiring temperature control (classification code SR2, PM2 or P2), and
f) Genetically modified microorganisms and organisms of UN N°. 3245.


Austria 21/09/2020  
Italy 03/11/2020  

Date of expiry: 21 September 2025

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