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UN Model Regulations 19a Revised edition

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UN Model Regulations 19a Revised edition

UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and Guiding Principles for use with the 19th revised edition.

These recommendations have been developed in the light of technical progress, the advent of new substances and materials, the exigencies of modern transport systems and, above all, the requirement to ensure the safety of people, property and the environment. They are addressed to governments and international organisations concerned with the regulation of the transport of dangerous goods.

The Model Regulations cover the classification of dangerous goods, their listing, the use, construction, testing and approval of packagings and portable tanks, as well as consignment procedures such as marking, labelling, placarding and documentation. 

This nineteenth revised edition contains various new and revised provisions concerning, inter alia, the transport of viscous liquids; gases; polymerizing substances; internal combustion engines or machinery powered by flammable liquids or gases; electric vehicles; lithium batteries and ammonia dispensing systems..

Model Regulations 19a revised edition

Volume I
(Recommendations, Parts 1 to 3, Dangerous Goods List, Appendices and Alphabetical Index)

Volume II
(Parts 4 to 7 and Table of Correspondence)

United Nations, 2015

UN Model Regulations 18a Revised edition

UN Model regulations 20a revised edition (2017)

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Allegato riservato Guiding Principles Rev19.pdf
Rev. 19 Guiding Principles
560 kB 51
Allegato riservato UN Model Regulations Rev19e Volume II.pdf
Rev. 19 Volume II - 2015
4393 kB 43
Allegato riservato UN Model Regulations Rev19e Volume I.pdf
Rev. 19 Volume I - 2015
7696 kB 48

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