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Risk management framework for inland transport of dangerous goods

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Risk management for inland transport of dangerous goods

Risk management framework for inland transport of dangerous goods

Risk management framework for Inland transport of dangerous goods:

- Framework guide
- Guide for decision-making
- Guide for risk estimation
- Framework glossary

In 2006 and 2008 two important guidelines were published in order to provide assistance to RID and ADR Contracting Parties using risk analysis techniques for the purpose of assisting the Transport of Dangerous Goods Competent Authorities in implementing chapter 1.9 of RID/ADR: The “General Guideline for the Calculation of Risks in the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Rail” (see A81-03-501.2006/Add.2 on OTIF website) and; The “General Guideline for the Calculation of Risks in the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road” (see ECE/TRANS/WP.15/2008/6 on UNECE website).

However a survey of the actual implementation indicated that these techniques were only used by a very limited number of stakeholders. Considering the importance of the risk-based decision-making approach for the safety of TDG operations and the numerous issues which have to be faced by the users of these techniques (weaknesses in input data, risk estimations applicability, management of uncertainties, need for improvement of decision-making processes…) it was proposed (see ECE-TRANSWP15- AC1-2014-GE-INF16e) to develop more practical guidelines, going beyond basic risk analysis principles, for improving further the assistance to the users of risk management techniques.

Therefore, as a complement to the initial guidelines, the risk management framework presented here seeks to offer a more detailed and more complete suite of guides allowing less experienced users and also potentially new users to implement the risk management techniques applied to inland transport of dangerous goods.In particular, the conclusions of the study “Harmonised Risk Acceptance Criteria for Transport of Dangerous Goods”2 provided key policy orientations for the development of this harmonised multimodal framework which was seen as a necessary step towards a potential future revision of the legislation applicable to the risk management of inland transport of dangerous goods

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