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Guide CLP Regulation - EIGA

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GUIDE CLP Regulation

Classification, and Labelling guide in accordance with EC Regulation 1272/2008

The document gives guidance for the classification and labelling for products that meet all of the following criteria:

a) the products are defined as “gases” according to the CLP Regulation with the addition of two liquids (Hydrogen fluoride and Methylbutene)

b) they are all allowed to be put on the market in the EU i.e. they have either an EC number, they have been pre-registered or registered in accordance with the REACH Regulation.

c) they are marketed by most EIGA members.

The products are listed in table 4.1.  The gases that are not maintained anymore in this edition of the document are identified in italic characters in table 4.1 and do not appear in the other data lists of section 4. The following requirements are not covered in this guide because they do not affect our business, our products or our type of packaging or are adequately covered in other documents:

-  Child-resistant fastening (CRF): it affects only products sold to the general public and gas cylinder valves are considered by EIGA to be intrinsically child resistant (under the age of 52 months);
-  Tactile warning of danger (TWD): it affects only products sold to the general public and is not required for transportable gas receptacles (section of Annex II of CLP)
-  Labelling requirements from other European legislation, such as the Directive 2001/83/EC on Medicinal Products for Human Use, which are out of the scope of the CLP.
-  Identification of the content by colour coding: The standard EN 1089-3 is comprehensive enough and does not need further guidelines

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