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Handbook on the Toxicology of Metals

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Handbook on the Toxicology of Metals   Ed  3

Handbook on the Toxicology of Metals / Ed. 3 2009

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The Handbook on the Toxicology of Metals is a comprehensive review dealing with the effects of metallic elements and their compounds on biological systems.

Special emphasis has been laid on the toxic effects in humans, although toxic effects in animals and biological systems in vitro are also discussed whenever relevant.

As a basis for a better understanding of the potential for adverse effects on human health, information is also given on sources, transport, and transformation of metals in the environment and on certain aspects of the ecological effects of metals.

The first edition of the handbook appeared in 1979, and was followed by a second edition in 1986.

The work rapidly fulfi lled the aims of the editors and became a standard reference work for physicians, toxicologists, and engineers in the fi elds of environmental and occupational health.

There has been a long interval between the 2nd edition and the present one, but the aims of this third edition are basically the same as those of the previous editions, i. e., to provide easy access to basic toxicological data and also give more in-depth treatment of some information, including a general introduction to the toxicology and risk assessment of metals and their compounds.

As with the previous editions, writing the 3rd edition of this book has been a part of the activities within the Scientifi c Committee on the Toxicology of Metals under the International Commission on Occupational Health, and the editors are happy that the work to make a third edition has been given a high priority among members. In some cases, we have been honored to include authors from outside of this committee.

The chapter authors have, as far as possible, been the same as those who wrote the second edition, but in many cases, we were happy to introduce new colleagues. Since the publication of the 2nd edition, a wealth of data has appeared, and several of the chapters dealing with specific metals have been completely rewritten; others have undergone a comprehensive updating. In order to not expand the present book and make it much larger than the second edition, which was published in two volumes, some of the general chapters have been merged and shortened, and the present book is published in one volume in a larger format.

For the interested reader who searches more detailed information on specific topics, each chapter contains a large number of relevant references also to recent reviews whenever these are available.

Index Ed. 3 2009

CHAPTER 1 - Introduction—General Considerations and International Perspectives
CHAPTER 2 - General Chemistry, Sampling, Analytical Methods, and Speciation
CHAPTER 3 - Routes of Exposure, Dose, and Metabolism of Metals
CHAPTER 4 - Biological Monitoring and Biomarkers
CHAPTER 5 - Selected Molecular Mechanisms of Metal Toxicity and Carcinogenicity
CHAPTER 6 - General Considerations of Dose-Effect and Dose-Response Relationships
CHAPTER 7 - Interactions in Metal Toxicology
CHAPTER 8 - Epidemiological Methods for Assessing Dose-Response and Dose-Effect Relationships
CHAPTER 9 - Essential Metals: Assessing Risks from Deficiency and Toxicity
CHAPTER 10 - Carcinogenicity of Metal Compounds
CHAPTER 11 - Immunotoxicology of Metals
CHAPTER 12 - Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity of Metals
CHAPTER 13 - Ecotoxicology of Metals—Sources, Transport, and Effects in the Ecosystem
CHAPTER 14 - Risk Assessment
CHAPTER 15 - Diagnosis and Treatment of Metal Poisoning—General Aspects
CHAPTER 16 - Principles for Prevention of the Toxic Effects of Metals
CHAPTER 17 - Aluminum
CHAPTER 18 - Antimony
CHAPTER 19 - Arsenic
CHAPTER 20 - Barium
CHAPTER 21 - Beryllium
CHAPTER 22 - Bismuth
CHAPTER 23 - Cadmium
CHAPTER 24 - Chromium
CHAPTER 25 - Cobalt
CHAPTER 26 - Copper
CHAPTER 27 - Gallium and Semiconductor Compounds
CHAPTER 28 - Germanium
CHAPTER 29 - Indium
CHAPTER 30 - Iron
CHAPTER 31 - Lead
CHAPTER 32 - Manganese
CHAPTER 33 - Mercury
CHAPTER 34 - Molybdenum
CHAPTER 35 - Nickel
CHAPTER 36 - Palladium
CHAPTER 37 - Platinum
CHAPTER 38 - Selenium
CHAPTER 39 - Silver
CHAPTER 40 - Tellurium
CHAPTER 41 - Thallium
CHAPTER 42 - Tin
CHAPTER 43 - Titanium
CHAPTER 44 - Tungsten
CHAPTER 45 - Uranium
CHAPTER 46 - Vanadium
CHAPTER 47 - Zinc

The development of modern devices in society demand new chapters which refl ect the present concerns of the use of new materials, such as semiconductors in electronic devices, metallic nanotechnology devices, and platinum- and palladium-based catalytic converters. The increasing use of biomarkers in occupational and environmental health has made it necessary to add a new chapter on biological monitoring and biomarkers. Immunotoxicology is an expanding field, and considerable achievements have been made in recent years.

A chapter on “immunotoxicology of metals” has therefore been included. Immunological and genetic findings provide, in some cases, good explanations for the differences in susceptibility to development of disease from exposure to metals. Principles for prevention of the toxic effects of metals and risk assessment are important chapters, somewhat expanded, and a new chapter on a related topic “Essential Metals: Assessing Risks from Deficiency and Toxicity” brings up-to-date knowledge into this 3rd edition.

Before the manuscript of this 3rd edition could be finalized, our co-editor and friend Professor Lars Friberg died. He was the main editor of the two first editions of this handbook, and his ideas constituted the basis for the present edition. His stringent analytical views were invaluable, and his expertise and knowledge are greatly missed. We will also remember him as a loyal, generous, and warm friend, and hope that this book will be a lasting tribute to his memory.

The editors acknowledge each contributor to this book for their devotion and enthusiasm and for having prioritized the work to make the 3rd edition of Handbook on Toxicology of Metals available to the reader.

Editors: Gunnar F. Nordberg, Bruce A. Fowler, Monica Nordberg

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