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EU Petroleum Refining Fitness Check: Impact of EU Legislation on Sectoral Economic Performance

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EU Petroleum Refining Fitness Check: Impact of EU Legislation on Sectoral Economic Performance

This report presents the results of the quantitative assessment of the impact on the petroleum refining sector of legislative measures, identified in the process of European Commission's analysis and stakeholder consultations as being of significant relevance for petroleum refineries, and as such included in the mandate of the fitness check.

This quantitative assessment took into account the impact of the legislation on costs and revenues of the EU petroleum refining industry and therefore on its capacity to remain internationally competitive.

This analysis, mostly of a quantitative nature, was accompanied where possible and relevant by a qualitative assessment in accordance with the Commission's general approach to fitness checks.

In particular, the report analysed how coherently and consistently the EU legislation, identified as relevant for the sector, works together, whether it is effective and efficient, and whether it is associated with excessive regulatory burdens, overlaps, gaps, inconsistencies or obsolete measures.

Since this fitness check addressed a specific industry sector rather than a policy area, it had a specific focus on the cumulative impact, effectiveness, efficiency and coherence of the measures with respect to the oil refining sector.

As stated in the mandate of the fitness check, the analysis in this report was retrospective and concentrated on the impact of the relevant legislation on the petroleum refining sector in the period between 2000 and 2012.

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