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GPP/Ecolabel criteria for timber and timber products

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draft GPP timber

GPP/Ecolabel criteria for timber and timber products

Final report - Draft proposal August 2018

The objective of this study is to propose requirements for sustainability criteria for wood-based products produced from sustainably managed forests, consistent with the definition of sustainable forest management provided by the EU Forest Strategy, for use in the EU’s common green public procurement (GPP) and EU Ecolabel criteria, including their assessment and verification procedures.

The report presents the initial version of our proposed criteria and the reasoning behind their selection, based on results from the desk research stage of the project and the stakeholder consultation. Section 2 provides background information on different approaches to defining sustainability in this context, Section 3 contains the proposed criteria for legality and sustainability for use in the common EU GPP criteria, and Section 4 explains their relevance to the EU Ecolabel.

Annex 1 includes a summary comparison of the legality and sustainability criteria contained in Forest Europe’s Pan-European Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management, the timber procurement policies of Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands and the UK, and the sustainability certification schemes of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Annex 2 contains the relevant extracted texts of those systems.

Annex 3 is the interim report we submitted in March, which contains additional background information on public procurement policies for timber, certification schemes and ecolabels, including their treatment of legality and sustainability criteria.


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Background: defining sustainability
2.1 Sustainable Forest Management
2.2 Sustainability in public procurement policies
2.3 Current GPP criteria
2.4 Public procurement policy in action: summary of interviews
2.5 Sustainability criteria in the revised Renewable Energy Directive .
3. Proposed criteria
3.1 Objectives
3.2 Criteria for legality
3.3 Criteria for sustainability
Table 1 Proposed criteria for definition of sustainability
3.4 Means of verification
3.5 Consistency with objectives
Table 2 Timber and wood products GPP and Ecolabel criteria: compatibility with
public contracts directive principles
4. Application to the EU Ecolabel
Annex 1: Summary comparison of legality and sustainability criteria
Annex 2: SFM requirements from schemes and policies
Forest Europe
United Kingdom
Annex 3 – Interim Report (as delivered on 10th April 2018)
1 Introduction
2.1 National timber procurement policies
Table 1 Comparison of timber procurement policies across selected five Member States
Table 2 Comparison of SFM criteria in selected timber procurement policies
2.2 The EU’s GPP criteria
3.1 Background
Table 3 Forest certification schemes statistics
3.2 Strengths and weaknesses
3.3 Timber procurement policies, certification schemes and alternative evidence
4.1 EU Ecolabel
4.2 Nordic Swan
4.3 German Blue Angel
Table 4 Comparison of criteria for the sustainable sourcing of forestry raw material from 3 Type
1 Ecolabel schemes
5 Next steps

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