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GPP criteria for computers, monitors, tablets and smartphones

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GPP criteria for computers  monitors  tablets and smartphones EU

GPP criteria for computers, monitors, tablets and smartphones / EU 2021 - Versione IT 2022

ID 15555 | 25.01.2022 / Documento allegato

This report is the final science for policy report supporting the revision of the EU Green Public Procurement (GPP) Criteria for Computers and Monitors, and the extension of these criteria to Smartphones.

These EU GPP Criteria aim at helping public authorities to ensure that ICT equipment and services are procured in such a way that they deliver environmental improvements that contribute to European policy objectives for energy, climate change and resource efficiency, as well as reducing life cycle costs.

The revision process has taken into account market and technical developments as well as the experience gained by stakeholders in the application of the previous version of criteria.

These criteria for computers, monitors, tablets and smartphones focus on the most significant environmental impacts during their life cycle, which have been divided into four distinct areas: product lifetime extension; energy consumption; hazardous substances; end-of-life management.

This set of criteria also includes a further category of criteria that apply to separate procurements for refurbished/remanufactured devices and related services. For each area of focus, one or more criteria are provided, accompanied by the background technical rationale and a summary of the stakeholder contributions that support the final version of each criterion. Procurers can apply the criteria and engage tenderers to reduce the life cycle environmental impacts of their activities, focusing on those areas presenting the most improvement opportunities from cost and market perspectives and for which performance can be verified. The identified procurement processes and final green criteria are also described in a separate document, published as a Staff Working Document of the Commission: SWD(2021) 57 final.

Together these two documents aim to provide public authorities with orientation on how to effectively integrate these EU GPP criteria into their procurement processes.


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