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IMDG Code, 2016 Edition Amendment 38-16

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IMDG Code, 2016 Edition Amendment 38-16

1 January 2018: into force

The IMDG Code, 2016 Edition comes into force on 1 January 2018 for two years and may be applied voluntarily as from 1 January 2017.​

There are many changes to the 2016 edition of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code). The signi cant changes are outlined below.

There have been signi cant changes in Part 2 Classification, to include:

- a method of using test data to classify substances that are listed in the Dangerous Goods List (DGL) but meet the classi cation criteria for a hazard class
 or division that is not identi ed in the list;
- new criteria and documentation requirements for assigning reworks to hazard divisions;
- the addition of new criteria for determining viscosity in Class 3 ammable liquids;
- the inclusion of polymerizing substances under Class 4.1;
- new sections de ning gases, ammable liquids, toxic substances, and corrosives that are not accepted for transport.

New packing instructions have been added: P005 for the new Engine proper shipping names under UN3528, UN3529 and UN3530; P412 for the new UN3527 “POLYESTER RESIN KIT, solid base material”; and P910 for the prototype and low production runs of lithium cells and batteries.

A new large packaging packing instruction LP200 for aerosols has been added.

A new Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods label has been adopted for use when shipping lithium metal and lithium ion cells and batteries (new SP384).

The “Overpack” mark now has a 12 mm minimum height requirement.

New ISO standards have been incorporated into the applicable packing instructions for gases and the design and construction criteria of UN pressure receptacles and multiple-element gas containers.

Updates to the DGL:

- The proper shipping name entries for Engines and Vehicles under UN3166 have been separated. UN3166 now covers only “Vehicle” entries and “Engines” now fall under new UN3528, UN3529, and UN3530 entries.

- Polyester resin kits have been separated into two entries: UN3269 “POLYESTER RESIN KIT, liquid base material” and new UN3527 “POLYESTER RESIN KIT, solid base material”.

- Polymerizing substances of Class 4.1 have been assigned to new entries UN3531, UN3532, UN3533 and UN3534.

- Special provisions for shipping certain common items have been added, revised, or removed:

- SP188 now requires a standardized lithium battery mark for excepted shipments of lithium cells and batteries.

- SP312, 363, 961 and 962 have been revised; SP380 and 385 have been added; and SP970 has been removed due to the separation of the proper shipping name entries for Engines and Vehicles.

- SP236 now includes Class 4.1 solid base materials for polyester resin kits.

- SP310 the lithium battery prototype and low production packaging requirements have been moved to a new packing instruction (P910). 

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