Orgalime - posizione valutazione impatto direttiva OND

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Orgalime - posizione valutazione impatto della direttiva sul rumore esterno 2000/14/CE (OND)

Position Paper Brussels, 7 th August 2017

Orgalime/Sector Associations Contribution (in blue) to the Scoping interview in the framework of the Impact Assessment of Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC.

1. Attached Excel file: Could you please give an indication of the following market data for your sector, as far as in the public domain: Please note that the Excel file cannot be filled by Orgalime but should be completed by each sector/manufacturer.

a. NACE and Prodcom codes: NACE REVISION 2 CODE 28.1, 28.2, 28.3, 28.4 and 29.9 (less relevant probably as most of these machines are used indoors). Please note: these are the main NACE codes of all Orgalime activities, which means that some of the sub-categories have more equipment impacted by the Outdoor Noise Directive than others)

b. Overall number of manufacturers in the EU (for equipment category 1…57 and potentially new equipment types) - The overall number will be provided after collecting data from each sector or in some cases you have already held conversations with the sectors

c. Overall number of equipment in use in the EU (for equipment category 1…57 and potentially new equipment types) Most probably, some sectors will be able to provide this information whereas others will not be able to do so.

d. Number of equipment sold in the EU per annum by all manufacturers together (for equipment category 1…57 and potentially new equipment types)- same as above (sectors might be able to answer)

e. Market share in the EU of Eu companies in % - Answers can be provided when collecting data from the sectors.

f. Average annual operating time for your equipment type(s) The average annual operating time of an equipment depends on the equipment, the sector or even the user or weather. This information will be provided to you by the sectors themselves where possible

2. Could you please describe the market structure of your sector?

a. Typical dimension of manufactures: within the constituency, one can find different categories of companies, from very large ones which trade globally to SMEs. Through the analysis of the various sectors, you will be able to draft a picture of the dimension of the companies.

b. Number of manufacturing companies in Europe (possibly by dimension): sectors to reply

c. Level of cross-border activity (are companies more focused on national market or they sell everywhere in Europe? What about international markets?): many of the sector companies place their products not only on the EU market but also on the global market.

d. Typical type of client (private and professional): this again depends on the sector, but you will be able to find both BTB (Business to Business) equipment and BTC (Business to Consumer).

e. Competition from Third Countries: as in the whole of the manufacturing industry, economic operators are both EU and non-EU players.

3. Is there a Market demand to provide quieter equipment? (Please distinguish between private and professional users): the main market requirement is related to safe equipment which is fit for purpose, noise being considered a secondary aspect.




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