EN ISO 14122-1 Mezzi accesso macchinari - Estratto

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EN 14122-1 
Mezzi di accesso permanenti al macchinario

EN 14122-1:2010
Sicurezza del macchinario
Mezzi di accesso permanenti al macchinario
Parte 1: Scelta di un mezzo di accesso fisso tra due livelli

La norma fornisce i requisiti generali per l'accesso alle macchine fisse e una guida relativa alla scelta corretta dei mezzi di accesso quando non è possibile accedere alle macchine fisse direttamente dal livello del terreno o da un piano.
La norma si applica ai mezzi di accesso permanenti che fanno parte di una macchina fissa, alle parti regolabili non motorizzate e alle parti mobili dei mezzi di accesso fissi


Update Edizione 2016 della norma

EN ISO 14122-1:2016
Safety of machinery
Permanent means of access to machinery
Part 1: Choice of fixed means and general requirements of access

ISO 14122-1:2016 gives general requirements for access to stationary machines and guidance about the correct choice of means of access when necessary access to the stationary machine is not possible directly from the ground level or from a floor.

It is applicable to permanent means of access which are a part of a stationary machine, and also to non-powered adjustable parts (e.g. foldable, slidable) and movable parts of fixed means of access.

"Fixed" means of access are those mounted in such a manner (for example, by screws, nuts, welding) that they can only be removed by the use of tools.

ISO 14122-1:2016 specifies minimum requirements that also apply when the same means of access is required as the part of the building or civil construction (e.g. working platforms, walkways, ladders) where the machine is installed, on condition that the main function of that part of the construction is to provide a means of access to the machine.

Where no local regulation or standards exist, this part of ISO 14122 can be used for means of access which are outside the scope of the standard.

It is intended that this part of ISO 14122 be used with a relevant access-specific part of ISO 14122.

The ISO 14122 series as a whole is applicable to both stationary and mobile machinery where fixed means of access are necessary. It is not applicable to powered means of access such as lifts, escalators, or other devices specially designed to lift persons between two levels.

ISO 14122-1:2016 is not applicable to machinery manufactured before the date of its publication.

For the significant hazards covered by this part of ISO 14122, see Clause 4.





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