Guide Health and Safety in agriculture

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Guide Health and Safety in agriculture

A non-binding guide to best practice with a view to improving the application of related directives on protecting health and safety of workers in agriculture, livestock farming, horticulture and forestry

This non-binding guide provides information and examples of good practice in connection with the implementation of health and safety directives, together with other necessary elements such as explanations and practical examples of the hazards and risks during all stages of farming, horticulture and forestry work.

This guide is designed to help all stakeholders, in particular farmers, supervisors (especially in SMEs), employers, workers and their representatives, and others, to implement directives and to properly manage the prevention of risks due to work.

This guide also contains a summary of the various EU directives, references and bibliography of information providers, a glossary, a list of key questions and a list by topic, a table of practical examples and a general table of the duties of the stakeholders.

This guide contains various examples of good practice which have either been selected from the guides existing in the EU Member States or specially designed for this guide.

European Commission
Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
Unit B.3
Manuscript completed in December 2011

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