Guidelines exposure time-varying electric and magnetic fields (1Hz - 100 KHz)

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Guidelines for limiting exposure to time varying electric and magnetic fields  1 Hz to 100 kHz

Guidelines for limiting exposure to time-varying electric and magnetic fields (1 hz to 100 khz)

International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection


In this document, guidelines are established for the protection of humans exposed to electric and magnetic fields in the low-frequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The general principles for the development of ICNIRP guidelines are published elsewhere (ICNIRP 2002).

For the purpose of this document, the low-frequency range extends from 1 Hz to 100 kHz. Above 100 kHz, effects such as heating need to be considered, which are covered by other ICNIRP guidelines. However, in the frequency range from 100 kHz up to approximately 10 MHz protection from both, low frequency effects on the nervous system as well as high frequency effects need to be considered depending on exposure conditions. Therefore, some guidance in this document is extended to 10 MHz to cover the nervous system effects in this frequency range. Guidelines for static magnetic fields have been issued in a separate document (ICNIRP 2009). Guidelines applicable to movement-induced electric fields or time-varying magnetic fields up to 1 Hz will be published separately. This publication replaces the low-frequency part of the 1998 guidelines (ICNIRP 1998).

ICNIRP is currently revising the guidelines for the high-frequency portion of the spectrum (above 100 kHz).


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