FEM 4.005 (2013)

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FEM 4.005 (2013) Stacking aisle width

Information for the determination of the stacking aisle width has been included until now in the illustrated terminology of FEM IV and in the technical note, FEM IV-TN01.

This information does not, however, cover all the peripheral conditions included in this new guideline. TN01 is replaced by this guideline.

This document assumes that forklift trucks are driven by trained and qualified operators.

1. Scope
In this guideline, the determination of the 90° stacking aisle width has been defined for major industrial truck types. Articulated counterbalance trucks are not included in this document.

NOTE: This method of calculation, due to its simplistic nature, may not necessarily represent the minimum possible safe stacking aisle width. More sophisticated methods are available and may be more suitable particularly when long or wide loads are being handled. BITA guidance note GN9 is an example of such a method.

FEM 2013

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Stacking aisle width
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