Raccolta Guide Valutazione dei Rischi PMI

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Raccolta Guide Valutazione dei Rischi PMI

Raccolta Guide Valutazione dei Rischi nelle PMI

Guide for Risk Assessment in Small and Medium Enterprises

1. Noise
2. Hazards Arising from Machinery, Equipment and Materials
3. Chemical Hazards
4. Slipping and Falling from A Height
5. Mental Workload
6. Manual Handling of Loads: Lifting, Holding, Carrying, Pulling, Pushing
7. Hazards arising from Explosions
8. Hazards arising from whole-body and hand-arm vibrations
9. Hazards arising from Electricity
10. Risk Assessment - General Guide

Section for Electricity, Gas and Water, Section on Prevention in the Iron and Metal Industry, Section on Machine and System Safety

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