Accordo multilaterale M299

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Accordo multilaterale  M299 

Deroghe gas Classe 2 importati in conformità con (Trasporti comportanti un percorso marittimo o aereo) in recipienti a pressione ricaricabili approvate dagli Stati Uniti.

Carriage of different gases of Class 2 in US Department of Transportation pressure receptacles in relation to

Under paragraph of ADR concerning the carriage ofdifferent gases of Class 2 in US Department of Transportation pressure receptacles in relation to

By derogation from the provisions of (initial inspection and test), (periodic inspection and test), (approval of pressure receptacles), (requirements for manufacturers), (requirements for inspection bodies) and (marking of refillable pressure receptacles) in ADR, gases and liquids listed in the tables of P200 of ADR imported in accordance with in refillable pressure receptacles approved by the US.

Department of Transportation may be carried from the location of the temporary storage to the end-users under the following conditions:

1. When imported from a non-ADR contracting party, the conformity of the pressure receptacles to this agreement shall be verified and recorded by the consignor. The verification record shall be kept for five years to allow for inspection by the competent authority and shall include the identification of the pressure receptacles, the name of the person making the verification and the date.

2. The pressure receptacles shall be marked and labelled in accordance with Chapter 5.2 of A DR.

3. All relevant requirements of ADR with regard to filling ratios and periodic testing frequency shall be fulfilled.

4. When the pressure receptacles are ernpty or when the end-user has no further use for the gas, the pressure receptacles shall not be refilled and shall be returned to the country from which they were imported.

5. The consignor for the APR journey shall include the following entry in the transport
document: ·"Carriage agreed under the terms of multilateral agreement M299".

This multilateral agreement enters into force the date it has been signed by two of the Contracting Parties. This agreement shall be valid until 1 June 2019 for the carriage on the territories of those ADR Contracting Parties signatory to this agreement. If it is revoked before then by one of the signatories, it shall remain valid until the above mentioned date only for carriage on the territories of those ADR Contracting Parties signatory to this agreement which have not revoked it.

United Kingdom 24/05/2016
France 27/05/2016
Ireland 31/05/2016
Germany 3/06/2016
Austria 7/06/2016
Switzerland 17/06/2016
Portugal 22/06/2016
Sweden 28/06/2016
Netherlands 5/07/2016
Italy 19/08/2016
Finland 19/09/2016    
Luxembourg 18/01/2017    
Denmark 31/07/2017

Date of Expiry: 1 June 2019

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