UNI EN 13565-2:2018 | Sistemi fissi di lotta contro l'incendio - Sistemi a schiuma

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UNI EN 13565 22018

UNI EN 13565-2:2018 | Sistemi fissi di lotta contro l'incendio - Sistemi a schiuma 

Sistemi fissi di lotta contro l'incendio - Sistemi a schiuma - Parte 2: Progettazione, costruzione e manutenzione 
Data entrata in vigore: 29 novembre 2018
La norma specifica i requisiti e descrive i metodi per la progettazione, installazione, prova e manutenzione di sistemi di estinzione incendio a schiuma a bassa, media e alta espansione.
Recepisce: CEN11062301

Sostituisce: UNI EN 13565-2:2009
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EN 13565-2:2018 - Fixed firefighting systems - Foam systems - Part 2: Design, construction and maintenance 
This document specifies the requirements and describes the methods for design, installation, testing and  maintenance of low, medium, and high expansion foam fire extinguishing systems.

Foam systems may be used to suppress the release of toxic vapours but this application is outside the scope of this document. 

This document provides guidance for the design of various foam systems available to persons with knowledge and experience in determining the selection of foam fire extinguishing systems which will be effective in protecting specific hazard configurations. For the application of this standard, a risk assessment by a qualified and experienced person should be performed for both new and existing systems, however the risk assessment is outside the scope of this document.

This document does not cover a risk analysis carried out by a competent person.

Nothing in this document is intended to restrict new technologies or alternative arrangements, provided that the level of foam system performance prescribed in this standard is not lowered, and supported by documented evidence/test reports.


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