Solvents for acetylene filling

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Solvents for acetylene filling

Solvents for acetylene filling

EIGA, Doc. 225/19

Acetylene is a chemically unstable gas which can decompose violently under pressure. The acetylene gas is dissolved into a liquid solvent within the cylinder to improve the acetylene’s chemical stability. This reduces the hazards involved in filling, transport and use.

This publication explains the safe use of solvents with acetylene. It describes the properties of the two solvents used for acetylene filling, acetone and dimethylformamide (DMF). It highlights the properties and the precautions to be taken when working with them.


Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Scope and purpose
2.1 Scope
3 Definitions
3.1 Publications terminology
3.2 Technical definitions
4 General requirements
4.1 Solvent characteristics
4.2 Solvent specifications
4.3 Material compatibility
4.4 Use of equipment in explosive atmospheres
5 Solvent properties
5.1 Properties of acetone
5.2 Properties of DMF
6 Storage of solvents
6.1 Drums /Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)
6.2 Bulk transfer (to storage)
6.3 Bulk storage
7 References
Table 1 Properties
Table 2 Specifications


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