EU GPP criteria for public spaces maintenance

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EU GPP criteria public space maintenance

EU GPP criteria for public spaces maintenance

Technical report final version - Study 2019

There are no European Union Green Public Procurement (EU GPP) criteria on Public Space Maintenance. In defining the product group and the scope covered by the criteria, the following were conducted:

- A stakeholder survey. This asked stakeholders through a questionnaire for their views on the proposed activities and scope on the maintenance of public spaces.
- Research into existing legislation, standards and criteria. This included a review of relevant EU legislation, a review of national GPP criteria and relevant labels and a review of relevant standards and guidelines used by the private sector.
- A review of potential definitions.

This provided an overview of the statistical and technical categories, such as those in EU legislation, including the Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) codes, which could be used to define different product groups for the EU GPP criteria for PSM.

Consequently, the EU GPP for Public Space Maintenance covers four categories:

- Cleaning products and services
- Gardening products and services
- Vehicles for public space maintenance
- Machinery for public space maintenance


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